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Uniblue Systems has a history to provide cutting edge solutions to improve performance and stability of PC. It has more than 10 years of working experience carrying out research and development in PC Optimization field. Uniblue has a series of award winning products such as SpeedupmyPC 2013 along with comprehensive set of customer satisfaction reviews.

The Problem

To derive efficient output for personal and professional life, PC is your only source to rely. Overtimes your PC is suffering from seemingly incurable errors due to conflict between applications. These conflicts occur due to various reasons such as problem with registry database of operating system, presence of junk in your system and outdated device drivers. Such issues may slow down your system, crash applications and freeze other operations. These problems are occurring in Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP at the same scale.

The Solution

We offer most lucid and comprehensive software solutions such as SpeedUpMyPC 2013. Dealing with computer errors and fixing them manually is literally a rocket-science. Uniblue’s new version Speed Up My PC 2013 is developed by keeping in mind latest problems in your system. This software would improve performance, speed up internet browsing and remove any internal errors you may have in your system.

Speed-Up-My-PC 2013—How it Works

Uniblue’s SpeedUpMyPC 2013 is one of the latest versions behind PowerSuite in its series of products to speed up computer. Slow speed of computer is a common problem among PC users. SpeedUpMyPC2013 is developed to help you instantly fix all these issues. This software is equipped with various tools and features to make your computer run faster. Lots of computer users are asking a common question “Is Speed Up My PC 2013 easy to use”. The answer is –Yes. This software has user friendly appearance. You need not to be tech savvy in order to use it.

Scan Your System for possible errors

System scan is process of identifying causes behind slow-downs. Screen-shot shows left menu with Start Scan. This feature has four categories. First one is Speed Tools which is special tool designed by Uniblue to improve performance. The second category is “Tweaks to Apply” which shows minor adjustments to your system settings to optimize performance. Third category is “Unused Processes” which are meant to free up unwanted system resources. And the last option is “Invalid Registry Entries to Clean”—this option would remove any invalid registry traces to boost performance.

Boost Performance by Fixing those Issues

SpeedUpMyPC would take backup before making any changes to your system. The recent 2013 version of the software would scan your system and adjust it for best experience of system. Initially it would make minor tweaks then it would disable unused processes.

Software Benefits

Accelerate Downloads

Uniblue Speed Up My PC improves your downloads and overall web surfing experience. Software would disable those features which are taking away your internet bandwidth. So, if your Internet lags during web surfing and it downloads things slower than normal—SpeedUpMyPC would take care of it.

Removes Junk from your System

Junk files consume large space on your hard disk which causes programs to load slower. Uniblue’s PC Speed Optimization software scans all files and removes the junk data stored on your hard disk. This process would improve performance of your system.

Disables unwanted background Services

Unwanted background running services can adversely affect performance of CPU. In this situation your programs load slower than normal and games take too much time to launch. SpeedUpMyPC software would automatically disable unwanted background running services to speed up operations of your system.

Launch applications faster

Uniblue Speed Up My PC 2013 is designed in such a way that it automatically sets up your computer to load installed applications faster. Software modifies registry settings related to certain application by enabling software launch booster.

Disables unwanted AutoStart Processes

In Windows platform, start menu has higher significance which acts as central launching point for Windows components, applications and other settings. PC users have normally experienced that start menu loads slower. By using SpeedUpMyPC2013, start menu would load faster.